Lascivious Lingerie fast went into my top 5 brands when I tried on Kitty and they also do a small collection of swimwear that I, pardon the pun, dipped my toes into.  After all now I am beginning to delve into luxury lingerie my swimwear should surely follow?

Captain is your classic black bikini with triangular mesh accents that pick up that almost forever in trend peephole of skin. For me it was the perfect mixture of plain yet striking that drew me to buy it. The halter and brief are both tied styles which just epitomises swimwear for me especially as the tie-sides on the brief really suit the curvature of a thigh if you wear it high waisted. Each tie is also embellished with a worn-look brass metal embellishment which is subtle and classy, as is the clip in fastening on the back of the bra. The set is really versatile and you could easily pair it with pretty much anything. I’m far too set in my ways to be wild like that so I choose to match entirely.


The quality of the bikini is incredible. It is easy to get on and off, the brief doesn’t fold dramatically when you pull them off when wet and the bikini top fastening is easy to put on and strong. You won’t loose this set if you dive, put it that way. The quality overall is utterly fantastic. When I compare it for example to my River Island bikini which straps caved in on themselves after a week of swimming and my Sainsbury’s one that faded in the sun it really does justify spending a little bit more for the quality. The stitch work is nigh invisible and exceptionally neat and tidy, it really is perfect to the eye.

The bikini top is not padded as such but is thick. The mesh frames on the bust in ever so slightly see through and alludes to the triangle of flesh on display even more so it is definitely a sexy style to wear. The brief doesn’t do a great deal for the shape of your buttox but it is all emcompassing and comfortable. The brief is double layered, thick and comfortable especially on the gusset which is important when swimming. Nothing digs in or gets sore with excessive movement. Noteworthy is that as a whole this set is comfortable in the middle stages between being wet from swimming and drying whilst going about sunbathing or being out in the heat. At no point does it get clammy or irritating and it does go from wet to dry relatively quickly.


The bikini top is underwired and provides some support and structure although the bikini top was a bit big for me so I wasn’t able to utilise that aspect for the full potential. I imagine if your cleavage fit snugly they’d have stayed put nicely but my poor little puppies sank quite a lot even when I tied the halter very tight.  I certainly wasn’t gaping out but if I swam or moved in long gestures there was a risk of a nip slip at any time. Despite this I am unsure if that is just the style and shape of this Lascivious set or for small busts a whole. I do find small bust bikini’ just don’t have enough support in terms of natural tightness to make up for the lack of tissue to hold the fabric on skin when wet so, just food for thought. The guide did list 32B under an 8 but I would recommend sizing down most definitely to assure a solid fit cup-wise.

Captain retails at £80 full price. I got mine in the half price sale but I would happily have paid full for it. Noteworthy is that Lascivious does have mid-range shipping costs and no free postage to my knowledge ( I could be wrong but all items do come in lovely black lined embossed boxes) so I’d recommend buying along with any other purchases just to save on such. I always kick myself for forgetting to buy stockings with my order.


I really love Captain and although when I brought it my mind wasn’t made up I really love it and am confident in saying I will 100% return for more swimwear if they bring out another collection of such because it is bloody great. Sizing can be rectified in another situation because overall the quality and comfort speaks for itself.
Lascivious, your swimwear is lovely, I approve wholeheartedly. Make another season for next year please?


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