There are certain brands out there that ignite something within a lingerie addict with a passionate all consuming fire. Your heartbeat quickens, pulse races and you end up feeling butterflies in your stomach because you’ve fallen in love. The moment The Lingerie Addict opened my world to Va Bien Lingerie it was changed and I doted over the Atelier line and how stunning it is so when offered the set as a gift, my heart skipped one of the rapid beats in utter delight.

Isn’t this set beautiful? I mean… just beautiful.


Midnight Garden is stunning. Absolutely stunning. The design is a sheer tulle which is hand embroidered with deep lapis blue and black floral designs for a lace like effect against the skin. The tulle is what I would describe as a sandy beach colour, so it works lovingly against low to mid-range white skin tones. I would absolutely die to see this design spread across more skin shades, especially in the current colourway Hibiscus because pink on rich browns and blacks is just gorgeous. I hope the Atelier line has this in consideration!

The construction is by far one of the best I own and it most certainly feels so, there was one or two strands of embroidery poking out but they were so miniscule it is the kind of thing fussy people like me would even notice! The seams and bands are so trim, neat and tidy it just finalises the beauty of the set being so flush.

The floral lace really is the show-stopper though. It evokes a classical feel and evokes delight in the way the shapes are cut. What really makes me smitten is the fact that everything about this set focuses on the embroidery. The straps are all hand trimmed that winds in a goddess like fashion over your shoulders. The components are subtle black or navy plastic and the seams in the centre of the cups are all masterfully married in with the embroidery that matches both sides with near clinical precision. The only really glaring seam is the back of the high waist brief purely because it is such a long seam but it almost, almost pulls it off (I’m just trivial with things like that). Va Bien really does marry every component together like an artist’s masterpiece. I mean look at all the embroidery even along the wing of the bra and even from a distance you can see the detail in every flower. Dear god alive! Its magnificent.


I am wearing a 32B soft cup bra and a small high waisted brief. There is no size guide on Va Bien’s website that I could locate therefore my recommendation would be to consider sizing up on the bra if you have any doubts. The bra is very tight fitting because tulle is not a forgiving fabric and the bra is side-boned (it can even come with an optional underbust band). Before I adjusted the straps I wouldn’t even consider trying to pull this over my shoulders for the fear of poking a thumb or finger through the garment or even ripping one of the straps so pre-wearability had to be carefully considered and now, I have it suited for me, the fit is flawless. It just took some time and patience beforehand.  Don’t get me wrong though, this is not flimsy! The straps and structure are very small but mighty; it just does have that element of delicacy that needs to be upheld and thought about prior.

The high waisted brief on the other hand is elasticated and therefore a lot more flexible so would better suit anyone who may have between average sizes. They move and fit to hug the shape of the wearer like a second skin. The high waisted cut sits just above the belly button and is so flattering for waist shaping that I couldn’t help, in combination of the aesthetic, feel fanciful.

The fabric on initial touch is coarse because of the fine raised embroidery but it is not uncomfortable and is not scratchy (especially the straps, I mark very easily and they do not phase my skin). The whole set is breathable and porous because of the tulle. Midnight Garden is so lightweight and airy it is ideal loungewear as well as lingerie. I actually drifted about on holiday in this content at 42 degrees. The brief is actually double layered whereas the bra is not and those with issues with labels may have to consider cutting it out of the brief because there is nowhere to hide it, but you’ll never see a peep of the one in the bra!


Midnight Garden for the beauteous quality you get it is worth every single penny it retails for $185 dollars, approximately £145 give or take and international post at $50 which, given the current market, is fair and reasonable. This set is hand made, hand embroidered and support an independant business. That really is, to me, incredible.

Noteworthy is that Va Bien is moving with ethical production, or so I learned from TLA. For example, there is just one factory remaining in Puerto Rico where Va Bien manufactures their Atelier line. So to find a branch producing such extraordinary lingerie designs and promoting good qualities in the lingerie industry is beyond exciting because it is exactly where purchase direction should go.

Midnight Garden has now been replaced by Hibiscus colourway in feminine pink hues but irrespective of colour this design is near impeccable and absolutely captivating. I feel like this set deserves to be subject of a magnificent oil painting or something of equal worth because it really is magnanimous.

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