Clashing colourways and daring combinations are not my thing at all. I am very safe and reserved when it comes to my colour choices in my lingerie collection but Lost In Lingerie posted on instagram about the Holly set and I was intrigued see if Dora Larsen could win my reservations over as I thought, Holly, looked wonderful.

Dora Larsen is a british based ex-lingerie buyer and another advocate of ethical lingerie as the main production line is based in the guangdong region of china and maintained to a high standard (Ethical lingerie being something I want to move into my habits and support), Her ranges definitely focus around daring colour clashes and feminine silhouettes which, isn’t going to be for everyone as some sets can come across as garish, and it took this one particular set to peak my fancy as I feel this combination of olive, deep maroon and ivory marry particularly well.


The styling is a classic demi cup bra and high waisted brief which I find embodies a small bust very well. Holly as a colourway is very subtle and I think, very sophisticated a combination. An almost militaire style choice. I’d say this would work well with a army-esque hat and boots for a kick-ass look.

Holly leaves me a little bit deflated sometimes and what I mean by that is so much is so so good it just makes me want more but just falls short.The lace, even on other less sheer colourways than ivory, is very see-through on the brief, again, hinting at a playful subtle sexuality that I find endearing.  I find the lace design on the front of the brief is ingenious and frolicsome but it stops there. The lace of the back of the brief doesn’t follow the design at the front, it just starts at the seams on the sides quite randomly which sends my OCD tendencies flaring and with the bra, the lace just seems to have been added to keep the continuity of the three-way colour scheme. I’d have liked to have seen the bra combine this mischievous ‘sheer in some places’ aspect to really pull this together and co-ordinate the lace on the back of the brief to make more sense because, despuite this, Dora Larson really does incorporate the triple colourway effortlessly which is tough to do.


The fit and finish of this set is absolutely sublime. I couldn’t fault a single stitch on my set at all, not even a stray seam in sight. Holly is one of my collection that fits me to near-perfection and is entirely practical in all of my clothes. Holly (And I imagine most of the Dora Larsen range) are tight fitting and sturdy on the body because they are all built on elastic foundations. For a small bust this is ideal and flattering.

Holly is super comfortable. The mesh and overall set is very soft against the skin from the off and the tight fit is embodying but not restrictive or rigid. The straps are fully adjustable and control the fit responsibly.

The demi bra is ideal for a smaller bust that wants emphasis on cleavage but not the ‘in your face’ lift that a push up provides. It definitely accents the smaller breast by gently pushing the tissue inwards. I brought a 32B and it is ideal for me, I do think because of the elastic, depending on your preference for tightness, you could size up or down and still be comfortable but it is very much body moulded albeit very softly moulded. Nonetheless to avoid disappointment, consider how you like your fit to be first.

The brief is exactly what you want from a high waist, tight and stays in place. The lace at the back, although from a side angle abruptly starts, does emcompass the buttox nicely. I think, because of this design flaw, I’d prefer to have brought the low rise knicker because the lace placement just makes more sense and the fulfillment you’d get from have a whole cheek encompassed by gloriously beautiful lace is just what the doctor ordered.


You can pick up a high waisted set for approx £95 and £85 for the low rise knicker, so not really a vast difference. If it weren’t for the absolutely amazing fit and quality, I’d have been a bit more debatable with the price because of the design titbits that irked me but it is entirely justifiable for the retail. I hope to see a suspender to match in future as I am sure more lingerie enthusiasts would agree.

Dora Larsen is definitely up and coming. I think there is room for movement in the consideration of style and design but its definitely caught a niche with the colourways that are on offer and the rotation of these on a regular basis. Holly has already been replaced with more styles in differing colours, I just hope Dora Larson doesn’t get stuck on offering constant and varying colourways and forgets about expanding designs as a whole because there is so much potential here that is just waiting to explode.

I’ll be sitting firm for the next thing that catches my eye from Dora Larsen, most certainly.

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