FYI The lingerie set worn along with the Lola skirt is the Coven set from Nearer The Moon

Trying to expand my lingerie collection into more diverse pieces is difficult for me. I am not an ‘underwear as outerwear’ sort of person and neither do I enjoy or pull of complicated layering so my preferences are usually quite simple. This is why when I stumbled across Ava Corsetry and the Lola skirt on offer I snapped it up nice and quickly because it is simple and gorgeous and matches in with my lingerie collection without actually being lingerie.

Ava Corsetry is a subtle corsetry company offering a small yet strong range of wares. I cannot comment too much on the ethical stance of Ava Corsetry as nothing is apparent from the website but the UK based company seems to have strong foundations on the owner and her vast knowledge.

Lola comes in three varieties, a baby doll, a knicker and a skirt. The small range was quoted by the designer as “The story behind the [Lola Babydoll and Lola Skirt]… is one about blurring the lines between lingerie and outwear.” which seems fitting for both me as someone very frigid with outerwear and the most enthusiastic among you with your extrovert styling.  I personally have not seen anything of the babydoll but imagine it to be just as flattering as the skirt . Lola really is an essential component of my now lingerie wardrobe to my pleasant surprise. Lola is versatile, beautiful and enriching. Lola even featured in my cover feature for now elapsed Editorial Magazine.


Lola is a really versatile piece in that it could be paired with virtually anything. Lola can be made to be very subtle or completely the opposite and very sexual and ouvert. It is a classic flattering silhouette that is both defining and complimentary in any respect. The almost retro or vintage feel is more aligned in the style of pin up, especially with its delicate pinspot sheer mesh.

The skirt only comes in averages of small, medium or large although with the opinion of bespoke and custom variations on the corsets I imagine contacting the designer for irregular body shapes or a different size would not be an issue. The skirt is made from stretch mesh which is possibly the best material I have yet to wear because it has made the fit so comfortable and also forgiving. I actually reckon you’d be safe if you did accidentally size down because it is so well, stretchy!

Founded on averages and personally being quite true to an average size 8-10 I found the fit to be tight but with enough movement that, even though I wiggle into the skirt  you could stretch it out a bit more and pull it over your hips. I am just worried about overstretching but I reckon this skirt would take some to do that as it is very robust. Lola is comfortable and firm so it does not drop, bunch up or ride up. Lola doesn’t ride up or down as you wear it and that is in ode to the thick elasticated band on the waist keeping the piece secure.



The quality of the construction of this skirt far surpasses the physical price of this skirt. It is incredible. I imagine that that derives from the corsetry foundations that the designer has. All of the seams seem to be a simple and easy stitch but it is segmented into several panels with two princess seams at the front making for an even and pleasing distribution overall. Although the seams are in plain sight they are incorporated so well into the design that it just works flawlessly for me, especially as I have a peeve for obscure or unthought seams.

The mesh is folded carefully and neatly to continue the considerate construction of the skirt. There are a few stray seams here and there but with the entire piece being black you struggle to notice any of them. The label is miniscule and does not hinder the appearance of the skirt, it is almost unnoticeable.

The eyelash lace is busy and beautiful. The pattern is actually busier than many others I have seen on my other garments, so much so you almost can’t appreciate how pretty it actually is. The very bottom of the lace is so delicate that it almost looks floral and the eyelash cut makes for a very flattering finish.


I still cannot believe this skirt is only £43.20 which for the quality you are purchasing is so worth the price. In fact this is probably my most recommended piece to buy as I feel for something this study, beautiful and well made most brands would charge more. You can also get a 10% off introductory discount if it is your first purchase.

I would also love to see Ava Corsetry expand their wares a bit more in the coming years as I feel they have so much to give, really the brand has so much potential and so much existing wonderful wares.

I really think Ava Corsetry is under-rated and would love to get my hands on one of the corsets to wear, style and review so that will definitely go into my mental pipeline especially with the Panniers that go with the Ava Adore corsets.




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