Header image by Rob Rook Photography

What made you start blogging? 

I don’t actually remember starting blogging neither do I really remember why but I know I have been doing it a long time.  I know that modelling was never going to be my forte because I did not fit the set mould for success – people just didn’t like me or my look. I had a wonky smile, unmanageable hair, small breasts  and was not in the ‘click’ scene.  I did though discover my love for lingerie and blogging was a result of natural progression from modelling and it just, well, felt right.

My blogging actually started on Tumblr and well… the improvement is profound


Do you buy all of your lingerie?

I try to buy the great majority although brands will and do gift me, exchange lingerie for reviews or on rare occasion pay me to blog. All of my blogs have a disclaimer at the top which notes which of the aforementioned applies. I am subjective irrespective of the means the lingerie is obtained as I don’t feel ‘sucking up’ to brands is how I align with blogging.

I do plan on doing a transparency blog every 6 months so the first one will be around June.

What has been your highlight blogging?

Being recognised by designers that I love and admire and being able to speak with other lingerie enthusiasts and bloggers when I have the courage too. I am relatively quiet on the scene because speaking to new people and expressing myself is difficult for me, both naturally and as part of my own mental health, so every time someone reaches out to me I am always so humbled, gracious and excited. Building bridges with people is amazing.

What do you do as a full time job? Are you scared someone will recognise you?

I work in car insurance. I deal with predominantly credit hire and early litigation but our little team is the ‘jack of all trades’ and we work in personal injury, case law and large losses. Honestly, the people I work with kick ass and I plan on following suit.

I don’t tend to worry about people recognising me and if they did, well, good for them! I doubt talking knickers is a ‘done thing’ in the insurance world.

I’m sure someone will have googled me one and thankfully the images under my name now have at least 10% less nipple than say, 5 years ago.

Do your family/peers/friends know about your lingerie and blogging?

Yes.  To hide something like this on the internet requires a great deal of strain which I simply couldn’t put on myself. At the end of the day the people who judge me aren’t my friends so I put it out of my mind. My family, friends and work peers all accept what I do, ask me questions, talk to me about it and have fun with it. Nudity and boobie jokes are the foundation of most of my connections.

You talk about mental health a lot. What do you suffer from?

I have anxiety and depression which is a result of dissociation from trauma. I currently pay for therapy at a charity which allows me to see my own therapist who is banking hours for their masters degree weekly. I do not wish too elaborate more on the topic at present but I am doing really well as it is helping me open up and by doing so I am slowly letting go and accepting everything I need to. The road is long and the road is tough but you have to walk it.

How do you take your blogging photos? How are they edited?

My boyfriends takes the great majority of my photos. Neither of us are particularly savvy with a camera nor have the time at present to be savvy so everything is taken by Steve on my Iphone 7.

I edit my photos in an app called Afterlight and also use Retouch to remove basic things from photos like plug sockets. I use HeartCamera for censoring offensive female nipples from social media like Instagram. I do no skin retouching at all, just a filter or two.

Do you think you are successful as a blogger?

Its a difficult subject. I often find I am not as liked as others and I don’t tend to ‘blow up’ social media nor cause a huge stir in likes or whatever which makes me feel like I am not a success but despite my relatively unexciting blogging nature, general appearance and low following count, I have maintained an honest blog, open up creatives spaces to myself quietly and contently and are surrounded by wonderful people so… some days I feel like I am not, others I feel I am.

I think that might just be the burden of a creative person.

What are your blogging goals?

I tend to think short term. Right now I am in the motion of improving my self image, I have a commissioned illustration coming up and intend to expand on myself with a few more photoshoots.

Long term I would just like to steadily improve the quality of my blogs and writing style, improve on my photography for the blog and eventually have more of an audience.  Things improve with time.

Will you do more Q&A’s?

Maybe this is something I can include every 6 months. Feel free to contact me with questions through any of my media and I will include them.


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