One of thee best things, to me, is when new or upcoming brands message me about collaborating. I absolutely love helping new brands as and where I can because the reality is, I remember when nobody knew who I was, so if through my blogging and general presence I can help someone, by gosh I will, and I have not come across a more deserving brand in my time blogging than Killed In Action.

I am going to take a moment to talk about the name, Killed In Action as the acronym for it, KIA is actually the name of the owner, Kia. I know when I posted on my lingerie group the name struck a nerve to a few people but Kia and her brand represent strength, endurance and courage which falls into favour with those who were in fact, killed in action.

KIA is a new lingerie stockist who has just opened up in one of my favourite countries, Portugal – more specifically Lisbon, which I feel is becoming a buzz for independent brands and businesses right now.

KIA aims to stock ethical lingerie and designers only. Lyn in particular was recommended to me although sadly they do not have any information on the website about the ethics of the brand itself. What I did find is that they are a Swiss company that sources their fabrics from either Switzerland or neighbouring EU Countries but based in Zurich but that is about it.

Lyn definitely wasn’t my first initial choice in fact, Kia actually recommended that I would adore them and I was hesitant because the products on the catwalk models looked quite frankly, bland. I was wrong on so many levels.


Cat as a set looks absolutely sensational with the thick, strong and study structure which completely juxtaposes that soft sensual sheer mesh all combined beautifully together with massive attention seeking gold components that tie in each set. I mean seriously, your eyes travel from those huge gold rectangular suspender clips to each gold detail on each part of the set. From the middle of your thighs, to the arc of your hips to the heart of the breast. This set is made to be seen, seriously.

This set is so understated in how it is advertised it is unreal because this is possibly thee titillating set I own. I honestly cannot get over the arches along the hold of the suspender being so vastly pleasing and hedonic.

The sizing from Lyn is very limited, being small medium and large so I do hope they expand in time.
I got everything and small and if anything, I would say the small is best fit for a 6-8 and I could have been more comfortable in a medium especially on the suspender because wiggling it over my hips was frightening. The combination of being petrified of poking a hole in the mesh or pulling the elastic too far was all too real. Nonetheless the material being Bi-Stretch has a lot of give in it and really does mould beautifully to your body so much so, it feels like this set was made explicitly for you.

Those big strong bands make for a perfect hug-tight fit that is firm yet comfortable. The bands are sleek and soft against your skin and the mesh is so light it almost feels like it is not even there.

Lyn definitely is the gift that keeps on giving. I generally see thick banded lingerie as a bit of a ‘cop out’ expecting them to be poorly made but I cannot be more wrong with Cat. Each band is sewn carefully and with precision. Outwardly I struggle to see any imperfections, so much so, I inclined to say there are none.

I cannot name the stitches on this set but each one is really short, neat and precise. There is one predominant stitch which looks like an elegantly drawn ‘Z’ which is to my eye, flawless. Some of the joins are a little bit fuzzy but hardly and there are a very little stray threads. You can really feel the strength of all the time that has gone into the short, strong stitches that make Cat.

Something which is not like luxury brands is there is no cotton or extra lining on the gusset which I imagine to those sensory few, may be important to note.

There was only one thing which the set has an issue with and that is the huge gold rectangle hoop on the suspender does cause strain if you wear them with low suspenders. Despite the deservedly strong stitching, I wore my suspender with my lascivious suspenders which sit on the lower part of my thigh and the stress and heavy component caused of of the suspender rings to ping off dramatically. Another suspender was arranged and sent to me and I made a mental note to only wear this suspender with high thigh suspenders and they were, much more effective and did not put any strain on the suspender. Luckily the suspender is such a dramatic shape that you don’t lose any shape without the ‘pull’ of the suspenders either so.. it isn’t a huge consideration to implement.


This set is on the highest end of the price bracket that I own being 400,00 € or around £370.00 but I can honestly say not a penny of that is wasted. The set feels lovingly washed and worn from new, the stitching is absolutely superb, the labels are carefully and conserately positions and tiny and it looks, excuse the explicative, hot as fuck.

I also think that KIA is thee perfect advocate for luxury brands. I actually felt flattered  Kia choose me and The Lingerie Raven the more I worked with her because her service, general mannerisms and beautiful nature was wholesome and rare. The detail that Killed In Action puts into the brand is unmet in my experience. You get a choice of a red or a black branded box to keep your wares, lots of promotional postcards and a promotional book and Kia is even on hand for you to Whatsapp for urgent general queries as per the website… honestly, this is above and beyond any service any brand has presented to me ever. I would be honoured to try and travel to Lisbon next year to visit Kia and KIA in all its glory.

You definitely have one hell of a brand to bookmark on your computers and remember. I know I will be shopping here again.

Lyn Crop TopLyn SuspenderLyn Brief 


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