I feel like I have been out of my blogging mojo for some time. It feels like a very long time although realistically speaking it is only a couple of months. Life, Work and Mental Health make for a difficult combination but a lingerie set gifted to me last year in return for a review has become quite quintessential in my everyday needs. 

Neon Moon is a lingerie brand advocating themselves around body positivity and feminism. Now personally, I avoid both terms in the sense that I feel they are over used and not directed in the right avenues BUT Neon Moon has their priorities straight in that all the lingerie and all images are taking into account many body shapes and skin colours. This is something we can all get behind.

Ethically speaking Neon Moon does its part to be ethical,  I wish it were more apparent on the website as I feel like it is important information to be highlighting. Neon Moon uses with factories which are Oeko-tex certified meaning that all the textiles meet the right specifications and are conscious of waste management. The two factories are between the UK and China and have been checked to meet appropriate standards.

I was really looking forward to reviewing Neon Moon and the current basic range has a lot of appeal, even for someone who doesn’t generally like understated sets. I quickly gravitated to the BOF bra and Monochrome high waisted knicker.


This is going to sound really harsh when I am being realistic. The set looks like a loungewear set or even a fitness set. It is all encompassing, comfortable and quite bland. The set does not scream look at me or even here I am but instead whispers to wind down, be comfortable and relax. This set is for you, entirely. The set is understated and simple with a backless bandeau strap which makes it funky and enlightening.

I really love the back detail, it is almost like you have to second take when you get up and walk away from someone to really appreciate the detail.

I got both the bra and the brief in a small. This set has 5% Elastane but it is structured that not only does it have a lot of give but shrinks back and in with ease. The elastic is a thin band on the brief and a thick band on the bra which gives a reasonable amount of support which surprised me. This set is ideal for small busts and I’d like to say it would be considerable for a larger bust but would welcome a comparative to this blog to give more insight.

This set has been a god send whilst I’ve been lounging about and especially so, moping about. It has been comfortable and comforting being lightweight but skin tight like a soft hug. I’ve been delighted to wear this albeit my boyfriend calling it my “lazy set”.

Structurally the whole set is sound. There is no fastenings on the bra and this is the first set which does not make my RSI flare up and hurt when putting on or taking it off because the set is so malleable.

The set is not made from cotton which is what I first thought being so skin-soft (although it does have a 100% cotton gusset) but is made with Modal. Modal is fabric made from beech trees although is not natural fibres but imitates such. Modal is a relatively expensive fabric. In general, it is more expensive than viscose or cotton so it is a unusual choice but works well because honestly, this set is so so soft.

Plastic hardware matches in with the colour coding of the set and all of the joins have not been trimmed down very much in the QC stage but this does not compromise the well done yet simple stitching throughout the set it is just a bit messy overall. Then again, I don’t expect that fine a level of maintenance for the price.

There are thin bands on the bra which you can visibly see and they have thin material inserts which I can only assume is something to do with the structure of the bra. It does not bother me as much as other visible seams as they are well included, tucked and very neat. The same bands are on the cotton gusset on the brief and this does bother me aesthetically only because personally, I feel the back should be more flush but that is wholly my subjective opinion.


The set retails for £54.00 which for a loungewear set is likely a bit more than you would expect to pay but I really think that ultimately, this is reasonable given what you are buying, representing and feeling. The bra is £29.00 and the brief £25.00 which is the most even between garments I have ever seen. I imagine the garments use equal amounts of fabric and are priced accordingly. Ethical and independant brands are always a little bit dearer and rightly so, you are buying with more consideration.

Now I know Neon Moon as a new collection pending and I can say that I am on board for that. It is much more glamorous than the current basics but I cannot stress enough that they have really nailed the foundations of everyday lingerie so from here onward, I hope they continue to achieve this level of cozy lingerie because I can easily tell you, a lot of luxury lingerie you can spend hundreds of pounds on doesn’t wear (and wash) this nicely.

I will be revisiting Neon Moon with joy.




  1. The Lingerie Princess says:

    Gorgeous! Love the look of this set but I am just concerned that my bust is too big for them 😅 I have their Mona set which is great and super comfy, but I try not to wear the bralette too much because I’m so worried about breaking it or wearing it out too quickly! I’d love to see them introduce some styles with extra boob room.


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