Sometimes it takes something that really excites you to get your creative spark into a flame again. After finally finding peace again in my last review taking photos for this review really instilled some love in me again, and rightfully so, for February being the month of love with St Valentines, a red set was much needed is it not?

Fréolic itself I have mentioned twice-over and with each evolution of set I have reviewed they amend how they represent themselves. I’d certainly love to know more but that I because I love the brand a lot, in fact maybe sometime Fréolic might be apt for a Raven visiting them? Who knows.  Something special I wanted to mention though, which I find endearing about Fréolic is that each garment comes with a unique serial number guaranteeing its provenance that can be traced via Dentelle de Calais-Caudry database allowing owners to identify the fine lace that decorates their lingerie. The same quality fine lace is known to be used by Valentino and Chanel.

It is of no secret that Fréolic Lingerie is one of my favourite brands and this would be the third set I own and funnily enough the first three piece red set I own that I actually like. People tend to adore red for lingerie but I, on a personal level, find it to be tacky and typically sexually orientated. Eleanor was a nervously anticipated set but I was very pleasantly surprised to be smitten with the set from the moment I put it on. Eleanor is more than just a sexy red set.


Eleanor is a sexy red set, no matter my own opinions, Eleanor is inviting, titillating and sensual. Eleanor is also casual, romantic and soft. Eleanor is versatile and that is what I want from a red set. I don’t want it all to be about ‘come to bed eyes’, I want my set to be poetic, sultry and charming on top of being classically wanton.

Eleanor is made entirely of the french leavers lace and red silk. I think it is the combination of upper market materials that made this set ‘more’. The wide silk straps on the bra and thin silk straps on the brief really do add a physically notable delicacy to the set which I find really lovely.

I ordered the set in a 32B and, as from previous reviews where I have had a small brief and suspender, requested to try and medium and these are perfect! I am as I have aged moved into the larger average of a small (8-10 UK) and Fréolic does run small. I recommend sizing up because it has most certainly worked for me. I would say the medium in Fréolic would be suitable for 10-12 UK as I needed to adjust everything down to the minimum requirements but it is tight but lightweight making this set more wearable than my Grace sets.

An important point to note is that the small in the Grace sets is certainly more forgiving because they are elasticated briefs so the use of the silk in combination with the elastic does mean that you do need to be slightly more size aware to get the right fit.

The leavers lace is soft and lightweight and the whole set is comfortable which considering it is majoritively lace always speaks highly of the quality of fabric. I’ve yet to find an expensive lace that is scratchy. It is possibly the most airy set I own in that I forget I am wearing it very quickly, it is almost so light that you may think you forgot to put lingerie on at all.

The only thing which comes from the lightness is that the brief at the back, because it has very little in the way of structure, tends to pucker and can feel like it is dislodged when it actually isn’t but that is not something that can overall be helped because it is to do with the extra slack made by the use of the silk straps.

Fréolic makes wonderful lingerie. I was really looking forward to seeing if they could transfer the skills from the Grace sets into Eleanor with the use of the silks.

Silk is harder to sew on as far as I am aware that the consideration of the stitching is gorgeous. The stitches are tiny, absolutely minimal but strong and tidy. Most of the stitches are simple yet practical and beautifully executed. Every single join, and component is honestly so beautifully cared for the set is perfection.

The leavers lace is lined with a second layer of mesh for durability and wearability and it is practically invisible. It is cut with care and consideration and the whole set is finished with little trimming all the way around. My only wish is that 90% of the garment is finished with metal components and then the hook and eyes are plastic? I’d prefer the whole set to be metal personally and see this one left out aspect quite puzzling.

Nonetheless I love that the quality control of Fréolic is so well maintained and this lines up with their consideration of small considerately placed labelling. Other luxury brands have terrible habits of slapping in long, big or garish labels which always annoys me but you can tell Fréolic have stopped and thought, where is this least intrusive?


This set retails at £330.00 for the three piece set but Fréolic does have offers on quite regularly so the savvy buyer will alway be able to implement a discount. I purchased Grace Griege and I would purchase without hesitation from Fréolic again and again and again. Small details are always considered. You always get a luxury gift box, in this particular set you get a standard set of straps in case you prefer them over the wide silk straps and the back is always as interesting as the front of the set with the strappy design as opposed to straight cut like other lingerie designs.

Honestly. I know I am biased but I do truly love this brand. I love Fréolic because they keep things simple and small, yet intense and beautiful. I am a ‘less is more’ kind of person so it is almost fate that I would fall in line and in love with this brand. I love than instead of having a broad range they focus in on doing what they have to another standard. They have accompanying bodysuits and dresses for most sets. Tell me, how many independant lingerie brands do you know to make a French Guipure lace dress?

Oh Fréolic. I’m addicted to the way you make me fall in love with every lingerie set I own and I am so glad you’ve given me the gift of a red set that truly is, my Valentine.


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