With overwhelming excitement I bring you my bloggers take on the new collection from Emma Harris Lingerie, In Finer Detail.

I was invited in late November to the Atelier of Emma Harris for a ‘new exciting project’ which has now been disclosed with Cora Harrington (Thelingerieaddict) at Curve Expo.

Naturally I was over the moon to finally be able to go an visit the Atelier let alone be involved with something new but I was certainly never expecting to discover the means of what I would be involved in. Couture



Couture is a protected name that can only be used to garments that meet certain well-defined standards and I can honestly say,  this collection goes above and beyond.

The collection, as titled In Finer Detail is named with a secondary title, Morganna. The collection is an evolution of the existing luxury wares of Emma Harris detailed with hand sewn lace. I may not be the most experienced person or blogger in the industry but you’ve only got to look to appreciate the hours and hours of time that goes into hand sewn french leavers lace. Honestly, watching the leavers lace being delicately sewn was nothing short of humbling and an awe inspiring experience. Photos truly do not do pieces like this enough justice because the finished piece is exquisite, front, back and inside.

Emma Harris Lingerie is special in that there are very few brands that put this amount of quality and dedication into their products, let alone produce a collection at this high calibre, especially in the UK.  Personally, up unto this point, I had only seen the likes of one high quality corsetiere and one or two independant brands in the UK  include such a timeless yet difficult and long processes to their designs. Two of which no longer produce mass collections at all.  Such production was in much smaller quantity because they were one person taking on a huge amount of effort so to bring a technique to Emma Harris and the collective of talented and experienced seamstresses, is brilliant. More hands make light work as they say!  Could this be the first atelier in a long time to produce a collection with such a coveted practice? Possibly.

The hand sewing aspect of In Finer Detail was inspired by a chance meeting by the owner and designer of Emma Harris, Clare Emma, with a seamstress called Kim. Kim originally started out as a mender and when Clare saw her extraordinary capabilities the collection was inspired.

Too often we forget that it is the simple things that can become extraordinary and this is such a warming thing to represent ‘In Finer Detail’


The stitch that Kim uses is a blind hem stitch although to those of us, like me, who do not necessary understand this sort of thing, she compares its similarities to a very small cross stitch. It blends beautifully but is there to be seen all the same.

The preliminary tests were to try techniques to be able to show off the hand stitching yet blend to perfection, as achieved. Stitches such as a blanket stitch and back stitch were trialed. Ultimately none of them were as subtle and quaint as the blind hem stitch which is what you see used on Morganna in the final garments.

Kim produces delicate hand-stitching that is for a near-perfect finish. Hand sewing is a fine motor skill that is a dying art and the attention to detail it produces is undeniably rare in the world of lingerie nowadays and inevitably has to be reflected in a much higher price point. The final prices of the couture collection are TBC but I imagine will retail at an apt cost to reflect the hours and skill.


You will notice in the collection the attention to detail is nothing short of beautiful. All of the fabric and subsiquently the cottons have been purposely and specifically dyed for and sewn to match. The collection goes from champagne to dusky pink with precision. There is also due to be a second cool colourway in a calming mint green.

There are no raw ends at all if possible, Claire having a pet hate of raw ends, whenever feasible covers and tucks them. This is all accompanied by a strict and attentive QC check at the end.   This attention to detail flows throughout all of her work and you will notice, not just in this collection but all her work, things like triple sewn seams and carefully doubled up joins.

A technique that is unique to Morganna though, is such that the satin on the underside of the cups of the bra are basted to the foam meaning there is a blind stitch through the middle. This means that the seamstresses cannot physically see what they are sewing, which is an incredible skill to showcase on this collection alongside the hand sewing.


Like an elusive animal in the wild, Morganna is like a fleeting glimpse of attainable opulence that is a must have for any luxury lingerie enthusiast. I certainly will long for the idea of owning the hand sewn kimono in my collection.

Each garment will have closely paired lace choices that personnalises the garments for individuality. Some garments will be flourished with specific floral designs whereas another garnished in delicate foliage leaves. This means that even when you buy from this collection your own garment will be one of a kindand that is wonderful. I do not know many brands that I can boast of such an opportunity.

In Finer Detail is such an exciting collection to be released and being non seasonal the collection will be available until the garments can no longer be produced and when they are gone… they are gone.

Buying into Morganna not only supports the preservation of a dying practice which is practically an art form. Clare described the collection as ‘a love affair’ and ‘unexpected dream’ and really, I feel that describes In Finer Detail perfectly.

You have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. Why not have a love affair with something so divine while you can?


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