I’ve seen Tallulah Love retailed through various other sites and have put the Tara Pistachio in my basket on at least three occasions that I can remember. Then all of a sudden via instagram Hidden Pearl popped up in the sale and I just lost all control. I’ve always admired Tallulah Love and the variety of colour availability all year round. Often you will find seasonal collections come in one, maybe two and rarely three colourways but Tallulah Love always indulges in different colours with ease, from deep rich blues to pastel pinks.

Ethically, I am not wholly sure on them as there is absolutely no obvious information on their website. All I have picked up from reviews online of various bloggers and also the labels on the garments is they seem to manufacture in China. It would be nice to see more production information from them.

A couple of things I did pick out though which is noteworthy for buyers was they have no size chart at all. Instead the go on your own sizing knowledge and include little sizing tips on products like “Note: If you like a firm underband we recommend to go down a band size” which is nice to see but ultimately, I am sure most people would want a chart to reference.


I brought Hidden Pearl mainly because I am obsessed with pink at the moment as well as wanting to indulge more in some comfortable pieces that really look the part. Hidden Pearl is really classically feminine in colour and texture. Soft faux silk appearance with little offerings of pretty lace, all topped off with thee cutest (and my personal favourite part of the lingerie) fine dotted lace mesh on the back of the thong. The set is not silk although looks the part. It is polyester but it is just as comfortable as the silk sets that I do own possibly because it is a high quality polyester.

I brought both in a size small and I feel the sizing is generous. This would not fit the smaller end of the small spectrum as it does have a lot of room to give. Being on the larger end of the small scale it does not effect the wear-ability of the set but when I move you do notice the extra room in the way the set sits on your body most noticeably the front of the thong which puckers a lot.

The bra is thick and sturdy which is unlike a lot of bralettes I own. The band is a good inch of elastic which is firm and as supportive as you can wish a bralette to be. Although I don’t have any substantial boob to hold in I still like my bralettes to feel encompassing which in turn makes me feel comfortable this this does that perfectly.

With Hidden Pearl being so small the thread work is very apparent and is almost a main feature of the set. The easily irate part of me doesn’t appreciate the seam in the middle of the cup but naturally, I know it would not be there if it were not needed.

All the stitching is neat and tidy. The thong has this sensational technique where the stitch gives the illusion of fabric on top of fabric as so there is no seam down the curve of the inner thong into the gusset. It is very defining. In my not so expert opinion it appears to be babylock stitching which also keeps the 100% cotton gusset tucked and secured neatly on top of the main polyester.

The flourishes of thick lace topping the apex of the bra and the corners of the thong are simply divine. The lace is thick and detailed and really stands out. Tallulah Love describes it like the icing on a cupcake and I really do agree.

The quality control falls a bit at the last hurdle with all of the joins having lots of messy uncut threads making it seem a bit lazy at the end. Some of the elastic is cut and sewn and leaves the interior of the elastic showing so inside there are little glares of white poking through every so often. Don’t get me wrong, this does absolutely nothing structurally but it just is a bit deflating when everything else is done so well. When you take the effort to colour match your fabric, thread and mesh why leave the little details out? It is a shame.


The bralette and thong retail for £70.00 but I got mine in the sale for £47.00.  I think overall the prices are very reasonable for an independent UK brand but could definitely consider improving the quality control even if that did mean increasing the price somewhat because the design dedication is stunning in itself.

I will certainly revisit Tallulah Love, the broad range of options they have and the openness about the personalisation they represent is welcoming. They offer a great service of personalised embroidery which strikes me as an ideal gift or hen party present! I also want to commend how much effort has gone into the overall branding and how that flows into the design of the label and the effort of the boxing and packaging. Not many luxury companies input half as much effort as Tallulah Love but cost 3 times the amount! A breath of fresh air. I look forward to owning another set someday.


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