Of course if there is cat themed lingerie, I am always behind it. In fact I still feel that there is a significant lacking in luxury cat themed lingerie and implore designers to consider this request. I’ll  be there, I promise!

Mimi Holliday originally launched the black colourway as ‘Narcissus’ but recently they re-released the set in another colourway under the changed guise of ‘Kitty’. Narcissus was a hunter in Greek mythology and in all honestly, I am pleased for the change as I did not personally see the name a fit for the design. Kitty is albeit plain but suited.  For the sake of this blog post though I will refer to the black set under the original guise of Narcissus and the new creame combination colourway as Kitty.

Damaris Evans is the face behind the brand of Mimi Holliday, an affordable extension of Damaris Lingerie. They claim to have coined a variety of styles although whether this is strict true, I cannot comment. I know from learned blogs such as the Underpinnings Museum that it is difficult for any brand to truly be coining any styles so brazenly. That does not take away from Mimi Holliday in any means, it has come to be a recognised and well loved brand.

Ethically there is literally nothing available at a quick glance or search to confirm Mimi Holliday Stance although the website is currently pending with “coming soon” so a potential rehash of the brand is looming.


Of course the main appeal of both Narcissus and Kitty is the cat embroidered motifs designed by Damaris Evans. I ordered the comfort bra style in both so the sets are adorned with the cat embroidery on the cup of the bra and front of the knicker, all sewn into polka dot lace. Narcissus embodies the perfect placement of the cats,  perfectly fitting the cats into the design as not to take away from them whereas Kitty does lack this on the knicker, cutting two of them in half sadly.

Kitty overall is slightly more refined than Narcissus in that it is embellished to a finer detail with little lace bows on the gore and straps which I really feel bring more definition to the feel of the set. I envision how cute Narcissus would have been with daring little red bows!

The back of the knicker is completely different. Narcissus has a sectioned back between the lace used on the band of the bra and some thin tulle and Kitty has a single panel of another what feels to be elasticated fabric. The back of Narcissus for me works much better than Kitty.

I do really enjoy both sets and I am hard pressed to say one is better than the other because the perfectionist in me preferred the considered embroidery over the finishing but it does make a substantial difference… if only they were combined.

I brought both sets in 32B and a small knicker and the fit is ideal. The bra being a soft cup with a hard band is perfect for me as it offers support through the hard underwire but comfort in the thin loose cup. The knickers do run slightly larger than true to fit and are very elasticated so I would actually say you can easily size down in the knickers.

I did not purchase the suspender for either set because personally I disliked the design.

Construction-wise my untrained eye would say that the designs and the way the sets are made are identical.  Lots of defining stitches like zig zag and double lockstitch.

The band of the bra is double layered with lace and mesh to really keep the colour rich and I imagine to preserve the lace from general wear and tear.

The scalloped cups of the bra and beautifully cut and lined, more noticeably on Kitty because of the duel colourway.

The embroidery is candid and slightly aloof. The polka dots actually look like little commas and the faces are loose and unrefined. I like this, it isn’t conformed and feels natural. I really hope this is hand-embroidered because it would be a dream but hand designed and hand embroidered are two different things.

The quality control lacks with lots of loose threads being left scattered about the joins and seams of the set, more so than I would expect. I know it has no bearing on the quality of the garment but the care at the finish of production is appreciated.

Facetune_20-04-2019-09-15-03Facetune_20-04-2019-09-08-27 - Copy - Copy

As the website is completely down at the moment I do not know what the sets originally retailed at, generally basic sets from Mimi Holliday retailed starting around £30.00 – £50.00 for the bra and down for suspender and knicker.  The Kitty set was a gift at Christmas but I know that in the sales you could pick up whole sets for around £60.00.

With Narcissus/Kitty the only downside was the fabrics were very rough for a few washes, in fact in the end I soaked them in a handwash and softener to really make them comfortable but this is an easy thing to rectify.

Mimi Holliday was always a reliable brand to buy at starting price point or if you waited until the sales. Although I always appreciate that to support the brands you love you are always much better off buying at original price but Mimi Holliday was always a brand for those of you that need to wait for sales.

I have purchased a lot of Mimi Holliday for my non-lingerie loving friends and family as I can count on the overall quality, construction and fit to be reliable and affordable. If there was a go too mid-range brand, I am always all here for Mimi Holliday. I look forward to them coming back and seeing what they have in store going forward.

Facetune_20-04-2019-09-13-01Facetune_20-04-2019-09-07-17 - Copy - Copy

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