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I’ve always been aware of Angela Friedman because she is local to me having been based in London and I have always enjoyed her designs from a view.  I always loved the idea of how Angela Friedman describes her brand as “the gap between an opulent dream world and your everyday lingerie wardrobe” as the vast majority of pieces, despite being decadent, seem to be incredibly wearable which is not always the case with predominantly silk brands. I was therefore excited to arrange a collaboration.

Angela Friedman is based in England. From the design to sampling and finally the manufacturing, everything is done in-house in the atelier in London. Unfortunately Angela Friedman does not have anything to do with her stance on ethics on the website. As far as I know silk is a troubling fabric for whether it is ethical or not but I am not educated enough to begin to comment so I think further comment would really help Angela Friedman in the future for prospective buyers.

Louisa with the baby pink hue really resonated with me so I was absolutely delighted to be able to choose this to represent Angela Friedman on the blog.


Louisa is quaint, understated and gentle. There is that feeling of peace and serenity about wearing it which really does suit with the soft luscious silk satin fabric of which it is made from. I love that this set feels like it is entirely made for me to be happy in. I feel relaxed and sultry, in a magical and confident way.

Louisa is a contrast between the baby pink silk satin and stark white mesh which has been chosen to compliment the light tones of the pink. White also goes hand in hand with most colours very well.  The set is exceptionally soft to wear even without washing or soaking the set was so light and kind to my skin. It genuinely feels like a second skin it is so lightweight and smooth.

With a note of homage to vintage styles the triangle shape of the bra blends with the same shape on the suspender to make a really fluid shape across the body.  The ruched silk bands adds  much needed texture which makes for a real treat for the eyes to travel across and brings life to the set.

I ordered everything in a size small and I feel like this has been ideal for me. The elastic in the bands have a lot of give so sizing down or sticking to the general average seems to be an apt choice.  Angela Friedman does have a whole dedicated and detailed page for the sizing to help if you were feeling concerned.

The suspenders, for those with wrist issues like myself, are a delight to utilise and are so easy to use, manipulate and attach to suspenders. I was over the moon to have a set which does not cause me significant strain to put together.

You do need to wear this suspender at the waist. I generally wear my suspenders at the hip but with silk being such a movement based fabric to hold tension the set looks very unflattering when worn in hip styling because it was simply not designed that way.

The bra has no support which is fine for a loungewear set or for small busts that do not necessarily need the support. My issue personally comes from the fact that the back is very taught with the elastic whereas the front is not so which imbalances the bra. I can actually feel the tension of the back riding up with no weight on the front. I don’t imagine this would be an issue with someone for more weight in their breast but unfortunately for me, my little B cups do not counter balance the strength of the elastic. Even having the straps on the longer strap does not account for this. Nonetheless this does not make the set uncomfortable or unwearable, I simply have to hoist it back into position every so often. This could even be something to do with my shoulder and torso length and shape so definitely something worth baring in mind if you are considering purchasing. The Louisa bralette style may not be suitable for certain body shapes/sizes but with variables such as the Natalie Bralette I am sure if this was a concern you could bring this up with Angela Friedman.

 The expertise that has gone into this set is, despite my love of lingerie, overlooked. This is the kind of set which really makes an art of making complicated things look easy and that is absolutely fascinating.

Silk is a difficult fabric to work with hence why you generally only see certain brands specialising in silk wear. The care and attention that has gone into making this set is meticulous, clean and dedicated and you can see it in every stitch.

Honestly, the way this is sewn looks effortless. Everything has a considered place. The ruffles hide the more arduous stitches whereas the bra sports the daintiest almost invisible seams.  If lingerie construction has never crossed your mind look at silk and the way it is sewn, it is a whole other level of concentration and consideration.

The quality control is well check, not a single thread or join has gone without care. The ruffles are all beautiful and rustic.

The labels are lightly attached, possibility with the intention that the wearer will remove them as with the straps being narrow, there is no escaping the labels with ease.


The set retails for £236.00 which considering the quality of the construction and fabric is very well conceived.  Now I don’t try and be the “know-how” behind construction techniques but you can see the amount of skill that goes into sewing silk. Working with slippy fabrics such as silk can be troublesome. The fabric can have a tendency to move during the cutting stage, which makes neat edges difficult to achieve.  This translates through to feeding the fabric through the machines, joining all the components and quality control. There is so much room for error. To be able to buy a wholesome, beautiful silk set for less than £250.00 is a blessing.

Owning Louisa makes me realise how much of a novice I still am when it comes to lingerie and reminds me to appreciate how complex lingerie is. Sometimes I need something special to remind me not to take lingerie for granted.  It has also made me realise how uneducated I am when it comes to silk and the way it actually sits and works on a body.

One thing I think is important to highlight is how different a beast silk is. It sits on your body and moves with your body in a completely different way to any other fabric which is not always necessarily the most flattering (for the set itself or ones body). So be mindful when making silk purchases that they suit your preference and body type to avoid disappointment.

Angela Friedman and the way that it combines vintage homage with modern designs and ideas is a joy to behold. The Dentelle  slip and Giselle set have already managed to steal my heart and I firmly intend to save up to add more Angela Friedman to my collection.  Silk is a fine, delicate, soft, illuminating, beautiful substance and to make lingerie from it … well… need I say more?




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