Photography by Rob Rook Photography

Emma Harris is one of the brands that supported me very early on in my career and are an important aspect of my love for lingerie. I had worn this set on a handful of occasions before I brought this on loan for photoshoots so I had absolutely no doubt about this purchase. I loved Sky, unpredictably and intensely.  Sky took me some time to save for because Emma Harris Lingerie is a luxury brand dealing pejoratively in silks and not only that but this is a little UK Brand that has their own atelier and thee most wonderful team of expert seamstresses.  Small independant businesses just don’t come like this anymore!

Emma Harris and the people involved are kind, so much so they appreciate the longevity of their lingerie. I actually managed to poke one of my nails through the bra on my set and with shame, asked whether Emma Harris Lingerie could assist me with repairs and without a second of hesitation I emailed one of the talented ladies in their bevy and it was off, fixed and returned within a week.

Emma Harris has produced a variety of sets that I lust over and likely will do for many years to come. Originally I was absolutely captivated by Steel,  a babydoll in a gorgeous slick grey  and Renee which is an eye-popping set in striking amethyst but Sky was my first love and had to be my purchase.


Sky makes me feel sensual and very high end. Silk is just a really ethereal feeling against your skin and very good for you too. The marriage of the soft pastel blue and virgin white combination is very alluring and inviting yet exceptionally sophisticated, especially when combined with the intricately stunning Nottingham lace that lines the bra and suspender.  Sky makes me feel sexy but in a flirty manner; in fact this set is my personal definition of retro pin up. I can easily imagine myself wearing Sky with huge retro curls and pointed toe patent heels sauntering round my house like one of those 50′s movie stars or maybe someone would have painted me on their plane during war times?

I bought the set in a 32B and small suspender and thong. I bought the thong instead of the brief because it brings a spot of audacity that I like. I enjoy something that has that hint of sexiness and the cut of the thong is just perfect for this!

The bra and the suspender are a snug fit, tight how I like it but where there is some elastic, it is ever so slightly malleable. You would seriously need to consider sizing up if you are between sizes because although the fabric is meant to have a little give in it, it doesn’t extend too far. Personally I feel it isn’t particularly yielding because silk just doesn’t have too much stretch to offer, so it just needs some thought before a purchase.

The tightness of the band on the bra actually offers more support than you expect. Although the soft cup provides no lift in the breast, the fit is firm and keeps smaller breasts pert and in place making it a perfect long wearing comfortable bra.


The construction of Sky is impeccable and I think that is best displayed in the exceptionally neat and almost unnoticeable joins and seams. I intensively looked over this set and not a seam is misplaced or out of line,  truly.  Even on the samples that I wore they upheld the virtues of the beautiful construction and a lot can be said about a piece that is made to be imperfect but is still so accomplished .

I love wearing Sky because as you would expect from the silk,  it is lightweight and gloriously comfortable. It is easy to forget you are wearing the set at all.

I had concerns originally about the lace being scratchy because of how well defined it looks on photos and images but it isn’t at all, its soft and smooth and just absolutely stunning to behold. I deliberately chose the soft cup as so no padding could take away from the little pops of colour where you can see skin through the lace pattern.

My only issue is that the garter grips on the suspender are quite small and tight which makes them fiddly to attach and I do struggle with this especially as I suffer from repetitive strain in my wrists, in future I would deliberately ask for slightly longer suspenders because one day I simply won’t be able to attach these myself at all.


This set is the lowest price of the sky signature options at £215.00 but getting a half plunge and skirted brief only moves up by £50.00 so final price being £265.00.  You’ll often find that Emma Harris always has an introductory discount, various offers and free postage to all those in the UK as well as some of the most gorgeous packaging included to keep everything safe in.

Overall the construction of Sky is infallible but my reason for loving this set is because of the look and all of the fine details that make it a final piece. Lets face it the details like the white straps of the bra at the back, the gold components, the bows and the ribbons just crowns Sky and whereas you could spend more in other luxury brands, you don’t often find quality to match this as well as supporting an independant British brand developing lingerie in a traditional manner.

Emma Harris’ is indeed a luxury lingerie brand and deserves the title because the handmade garments are impeccable. They will most certainly see my custom again.


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