Photography by Rob Rook Photography

Pom Poms, feathers and any combination of the two will never go out of fashion, not for me anyway. There was once a pom pom set by Carol Maloney that I coveted and lost hope of ever having  to own myself until Bettie Page added the power puff set to their vintage range and BAM my heart was racing again.  I only procrastinated about it for a little while because I simply could not miss an opportunity for a dream set.

Now I’m no pin up so although I absolutely love Bettie Page and their range it doesn’t come naturally to me and I have always associated feathers with burlesque and shows. The idea made me a bit anxious, insecure,  I think in my own mind I am a bit too clumsy and have poor teeth to pull of pin up  but when it was delivered and I had it on, I had absolutely no regrets over my  impulse purchase. I could be pin up, in my own way.

Bettie Page is a brand part of the Playful Promises Group. Playful promises aims to contribute to affecting real, tangible change in their ethical production and sourcing.  Playful Promises and by extension Bettie Page are making profound endeavours in the factories they use, contribution to ethical groups and charities and more. In fact they have a whole blog post that really goes into detail more than I can on this blog that I highly recommend a read of HERE.


This set is the most playful and fun set I own. As soon as I tried it on I was filled with happiness in the sense I was really comfortable and also felt all the part of a performer. Not that I have the bounce in my boobies to be spinning or jiggling them but I damn well gave it a go.

Powder Puff is everything it says on the tin. Two big discs of marabou like feathers centred with a huge satin bow is tantalising and cheeky  and one more sits on the crown of your bum like a well topped cherry on a cake.

The set itself aside from the power puffs is a very basic black set that is a combination of gathered satin and sheer mesh making for a simple statement silhouette. Finished with metal hardware (which states gold but my set is so dull it looks more silver) and with one big strong hook and eye fastening at the back which is great for bad hands like mine to do up.

I brought the bra in a 32B and it fits me perfectly. The band is really really strong and tight so if you don’t like the feel of a tight fit I recommend sister sizing or sizing up slightly dependant on cup size. The same can be said for the brief in an 8, I should have sized up because it does encourage my skin to fold up but its still really comfortable for my preferences. Lets face it, I need to accept I am probably more a size 10 now than an 8 but this shows the elasticity capabilities of the set very well.


Unfortunately the power puffs are sewn into the set itself. In an ideal world they would be removable to make for easier washing capabilities but I am sure that would require a higher price-point.  I have to admit I am petrified of deep washing this set because of the feathers as we all know that feathers don’t fare well for longevity.  Nonetheless so far the set has done well with what I call avoidance washing (washing around the feathers carefully). The feathers that have gotten wet so far have suffered only slightly but that will deteriorate with time I am sure. I’d suggest a simple, cold or cool wash when it does come to the “big soak” and I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes on Instagram when it happens.

Considering this is what I would describe as a budget set the quality really is great. It is what I would personally describe as the perfect fools gold.  The outside is as prim and proper as any high budget set with the satin giving the appeal of silk and the huge in your face powder puffs giving the theatre effect but you understand the significant differences inside of the set and via the materials. The powder puffs are attached quickly with big bulky seams and everything is all very simply and quickly done with majoritively zigzag and lined seams. The whole set is fashioned out of affordable and price-point fabrics and the finishing is far from perfect but ultimately the illusion is there and it is real and it works.


The price of the set is absolutely insane. £20.00 for the bra and £15.00 for the brief for a grand total of £35.00 (plus a bit of shipping unless you want to get another set). That is a little bit of glamour for an all round more than affordable price. I could simply scream how great this combination of price and what you get is. Sure it isn’t perfect but it looks absolutely bloody brilliant.

I think that it is really important that vintage style lingerie is being marketed at an affordable price-point because back when this was actually on a market as the main trend available people were either making the lingerie themselves or it was very much expensive so for it to be so accessible to lingerie enthusiasts now I think is really wonderful.

Sure I might not be the ideal pin up model but I can feel part of the pin up world in my own right. I’ll certainly bring back my custom and spending to Bettie Page for the combination of the price-point, illusion quality and support toward a truly ethical brand which really is one of the best winning combinations you will find.


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