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I got both of my Zhilyova lingerie sets in 2016 in the Christmas sale, long before they converted to USD and my god, I should have brought more. Now everything is in USD the conversion has really hit me hard but I don’t plan on purchasing from them again.

Zhilyova seems to be one of those brands everyone is aware of but doesn’t purchase from  but I find that stagnates with most Ukrainian or Russian brands. It seems that they only market to stereotypical beauty on their social media and lack diversity as well as operating in a manner which seems to feel like it alienates English speaking customers.  It all seems very odd to me but maybe I am missing something or simply do not understand the factors that come with foreign lingerie markets.

There is little to no information on their website about the brand or ethics so I literally cannot give you anything about them comprehensively. They seem to have a lot of lingerie in press but, nothing that directs me to anything substantial.


Zhilyova markets itself as much comfort as it is fashion and I do think Juniper embodies that incredibly well. The intricate lace that covertly hides your nipples due to the darker grey slightly glittered colour is perfect for social media complacency yet a little flash of skin.  The lace is perfectly balanced on the front on the bra and back on the thong making for a well rounded set which is interesting from whichever angle you look at and that gorgeous emerald fabric speaks for itself. Juniper is simply a feast for the eyes in its entirety.

You do need to make sure you pay attention to the size guide with this brand in detail although I cannot say to you it is the most accurate and needs a little bit of thought. I went for a 75B which equates to 73 – 77 band which is very snug on the highest fastening but still fits suitably on the other two.. I brought XS in the briefs and should have brought a S, possibly even a M as they run small without a doubt. Being predominantly silk this set does not have a lot of give in and now my hips are significantly larger than my early twenties I have to roll these briefs on. There will come a day when this set is too small for me and I expect this will be one of the first sets that will go sadly.

The thong I am very aware marks me, this only emphasises the importance of getting the right fit as this definitely wouldn’t happen if I ordered with more consideration but this does not put me off in the slightest as it still isn’t uncomfortable I just can’t wear it with other tight fitting clothes doubled up otherwise it does get a bit painful.

This was my first encounter with silk as a lingerie blogger and I really did not appreciate it as much as I likely should have in 2016. This is an incredibly lightweight set and is a very basic underwire which is very well, albeit simply, constructed set.  The eyelash lace has been left to its own devices which is beautiful and there are little loops on the lace which actually come away from the lace itself which is very lovely to look. Sometimes I do mistake them for bobbles after a wash and have to run my fingers over them to be sure.

The skeleton of the set is elastic which is colour matched to the lace and there is a very very basic mesh lining in the first part of the wing of the bra for strengthening. There is a very small and well integrated transparent frame on the lace cups inside and the thong features a cotton gusset.

The set is finished with colour matches plastic hardware for the hook and eyes and metal loops on the bra straps and the whole set has this lovely rouched effect both on the bra straps and the cut of the thong. It really is very beautiful to look at and does fool you into thinking this set could be luxury.


This set cost me around £120.00 in 2016 which you’d be unlikely to purchase something at now with the shipping. Zhilyova does come in a beautiful branded box which is a delight (I know more luxury brands which do not send boxes out at all, so).

It is also worth noting that from the looks of things now you can only purchase directly with card details. I used a platform similar to Paypal back in the day but why Zhilyova has not considered Paypal as a global transaction service, I am not informed enough.

Zhilyova is a brand I love the idea of but always falls short on both diversity in size and skin. Another massive peeve of mine is that they always include suspenders in the sets on their instagram but I have never seen them included for sale on the website… baffling… especially because I would have loved to have had the suspender with this set.

Ukrainian / Russian brands simply are not featured on English speaking blogs enough and I do genuinely feel that they simply are not accessible to us. Translation services on google chrome just don’t quite allow me the confidence in a purchase. Juniper may well be my only tie to Zhilyova and Ukrainian / Russian brands but here is me hoping that I am wrong.


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