2019 has been a year of dramatic and also productive change for me. I have a paid photographer who does all the photography for my lingerie and blog work, the inimitable Rob Rook and this has made all the difference to the quality of my output. I am hoping for 2020 this will lead into bigger and better things for the both of us.

I cannot speak more highly of Rob and what his images bring to The Lingerie Raven. He is most certainly the MVP for The Lingerie Raven and that is me being humble.  Quite frankly there are not any combination of words that will truly express my gratitude and ever awe of him. His natural light skills and perfect balance of natural imagery vs editing is simply infallible.  I am so thrilled to bring us as a pair into 2020 and I really hope, as a 2020 goal, we can work to achieve exposure enough to be considered for a lookbook or editorial.

In terms of my spending, there has been a huge decrease in not only my financial output but also my gifted/free lingerie. I have refused work from many brands this year after a very difficult job last year and I simply do not have the time to provide people free and easy advertising. In fact, three big brand companies refused to provide paid work this year (one of them being worth 14mil). It has really put my own worth into perspective and also the attitude of a lot of the lingerie industry.

I work exceptionally hard and my blogs are ever-evolving. I try very hard to push my limits whilst making sure I am personally well cared for both in my mental wellbeing and overall health.


Eleanor Bra, Suspender and Brief from Freolic Lingerie GIFTED
Hidden Pearl Bralette and Thong from Tallulah Love Lingerie £47.00
The Lingerie Raven Embroided Knickers from Tallulah Love Lingerie GIFTED
Louisa Soft Bra, Suspender and Brief from Angela Friedman GIFTED
Bettie Page Lingerie Powder Puff £40.95
Ebay Karolina Laskowska Waspie £55.00
Seirian Waspie Orchid Corsetry £220.00 (Brenwen Garters GIFTED)
Diablo Red Quarter Cup Bra and Thong £105.00
Bodysuit from Rebel Romance CHRISTMAS GIFT
Colt Skirt from Nearer The Moon CHRISTMAS GIFT
Joan Open Brief and Soft Bra from Sacha Kimmes £100.00 Competition Prize voucher + 22.85 Euro

Next year I intend to spend on my lingerie collection in terms of how it is kept. Right now, ashamedly they are all piled in messy boxes and deserve so much better so I hope to share that with you all next year.

Naturally, my journey is never my own and crosses paths with many individuals. Some of which have been integral to my 2019.

The Lingerie Addict, Cora, is always a staple for everyone to take insight from. She is always the one who inspires me to keep going, especially so when I had the chance to meet her for her book signing in London and she signed my book with “Don’t give up” which I really needed to hear at that moment and gave me the drive for this winter.  Thank you Cora.

Morning Madonna and Comics Girls Need Bras still advocate me in wholesome supportive ways that I will forever appreciate and also are two of my personal favourite bloggers in the lingerie community both bringing strong assets to the table with every post.


Naturally this year is highlighted by the continuous support from Nearer The Moon, Orchid Corsetry and Emiah of whom have been behind everything I’ve done for many years, they are blessings.

2020 will see me obsessing and rooting for Evgenia Lingerie, Sofia Luzon and Tisja Damen near constantly.  I always look forward to seeing what Karolina Laskowska brings for every year as she always manages to be unique and cultivate the most unique talents! Freolic Lingerie has brought out the most exciting colour range I’ve seen in any brands as staples. I am eager to include My Retro Closet into my 2020 as well as another Angela Friedman set but we will see how the year pans out. I am excited for all of us! I truly am.

I feel like 2020 is going to be the year for the independent brands.

Instagram, despite the platform bottoming out this year with all of the issues regarding shadowbans, prejudice against sex workers and anything with a touch of nudity it still remains my favourite platform, second being Twitter. There are still so many wonderful creatives out there.

In order of images, an abundance of favourites, Sweet Nothing NYC, Angela Friedman, The Lingerie Princess, Orion Moon, Lipstick Lori, Dekilah Divine, Logandria, Fuller Figure Bust, The Wicked Jade, Little Boobs Lots of Lingerie, Claudia May, Boudoir Orchid and Place De La Dentelle. Naturally, there are many more but I have to stop somewhere and I will continue to intermittently share wonderful creatives with you on Instagram all year round.

I really do have hopes for next year. I am going to set some provisional goals in the hopes that perhaps, some of them may be achieved, but without pressure.

  1. Shoot a Lookbook, Collection or Editorial for a brand
  2. Be hired for a paid review from a brand I admire
  3. Buy from 3 independent brands
  4. Buy more illustrations / art for TLR



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