2020 hasn’t been the year we all expected it to be in the slightest. It has been a year of doubt, frustration and turmoil but here we are, at the end of it. Whilst I cannot say this is the end of ‘it’ as a feeling, it is the end of the year nonetheless.

Reflecting on last year I have managed to achieve three out of four of my personal targets but for this coming year I believe that I will not be placing as much pressure on myself to try and ease the very prominent imposter syndrome that I seem to be developing. I feel that, alike my fellow bloggers, that I simply need to remain uplifting and positive and for me to do that I need some freedom in myself back. So lets get the expenditure out of the way and we can bring in the positivity!

One of the crowning achievements of the year was being able to produce an editorial for Emma Harris Lingerie which was absolutely magical (albeit getting caught in a terrible English downpour) for the Tiffany colourway in dusky pink. In a personal sense I feel I am far from the ideal stereotypical want of a model so be picked to represent such a close to my heart brand in such a big was was dream come true material. Rob Rook of Rook boudoir captured the faerietale atmosphere I envisioned beautifully, especially so in my favourite of the range, the slip and the cami and short. Thank you Emma Harris!

The collection can be found to buy here: https://emma-harris.com/product-category/collections/tiffany/tiffany-dusky-pink/

My spending this year has greatly reflected on the savings I made due to the pandemic (i.e not having to pay for train fare each month and also not having to pay for extortionate lunches and a terrible snack habit) and the paid content going straight back into purchasing more content. Please do not be under any illusions that I have an inexhaustible supply of expendable cash and also bare in mind that I pay the photographer for the blog, Rook Boudoir, for this invaluable services. For me to achieve the purchases that I have I have to save or purchase on a credit card to then pay off.

As usual I have been approached by a few brands after collaborations with huge requests and demands which I have kindly rejected. My time needs to valued for what it is and I am proud to have upheld that to my own values. The same 14mil net worth brand again approached me with no budget like last year which remains to be so laughable it is painful. Unfortunately, I for one simply cannot keep encouraging this behaviour of expecting so much for next to nothing without due interaction and conversation. It is important to know that The Lingerie Raven does not accept unpaid or paid reviews without rapport beforehand, I like that to be essential to what I offer.

I do not intend to spend a lot of money in the coming 2021 as I need to save for real life expenses. I’ve been hoping to say ‘hello excuses for engagement and wedding things’ for a long time now.


ELB Handmade hope set £24.00
Freolic Lingerie Black silk and silver lace slip GIFTED FOR EDITORIAL
Ava Corsetry Lola babydoll GIFTED FOR EDITORIAL
Evgenia Lovesick Cami and Thong £388.55 (This includes almost £100.00 custom fees)
Sofia Luzon Ostara bra suspender and brief £249.81
Claudia May Lingerie Black Robe £45.40
Sofia Sanchez Polka dot bra and thong GIFTED FOR REVIEW
Angela Friedman Dentelle slip and thong £283.50
Nearer the Moon Fervour bra, suspender and thong £162.80
Kilo Brava Tiger Slip £55.00
Love Suze Bra and brief sets x2 GIFTED FOR REVIEW
Burnt Jasmine Christmas Pearl bra and thong GIFTED FOR REVIEW
Na Na Underwear Lilac Marie Antoinette bra, suspender and brief GIFTED FOR CHRISTMAS

Now, back to the positivity. Because of the above I have managed to post some exceptional reviews all of which have been captured by the inimitable Rook Boudoir. https://www.rookboudoir.com/
I would highly recommend if you are UK based to consider him for boudoir sessions or lifestyle (as his lifestyle photos on Robrookphotography @ insta) as for a £245.00 package you can get a 2 hour photoshoot with 2-3 looks. Furthermore he offers thee most beautiful videos which can be brought in addition.

The Lingerie Raven simply wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the invaluable photographs that capture all of the lingerie so beautifully. Take a look at some of the content this year! It speaks for itself!

And as always, The Lingerie Raven simply could not continue without the continuing support of my fellow brands and bloggers that not only inspire me hugely but for 2020 have offered support, validation and kindness a plenty to keep me going, both physically on the blog and emotionally/spiritually. I would actually be doing a huge disservice if I didn’t try and name all the incredible people who have been part of my lingerie world this year! (And I urge people to check them all out and also bare in mind this is just a drop in an amazing creative ocean of people)

Comicgirlsneedbras, Morningmadonna, Evgenia Lingerie, Nearer the Moon, Karolina Laskowska, Orchid Corsetry, Emiah, Angela Friedman, The Lingerie Addict, Tigzrice, The Lingerie Princess, Lipstick Lori, Dekilah Divine, Logandria, Claudia May and Church of Sanctus are amongst many exceptional people. A lot of the designers feature in my blog already which makes me very much blessed. (Credits respectively to all owners)

Most exceptionally of all, I’d simply like to implore people to follow comicgirlsneedbras because she is honestly one of the most wonderful human beings in general with a kind and gentle soul as well as a well rounded, stunningly styled lingerie blog. She furthermore posts insightful and informative well rounded information generally tying in every important aspect of blogging. https://comicsgirlsneedbras.com/

So with no aims, goals or pressure to end this review, please simply aim to support myself and all my other fellow creatives this coming year. Introduce yourselves to me if you want to work together or simply have a chat (I love talking cats, bubbly drinks and whatever you are passionate about).



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