I feel a little bit wild to think my blog with Angela is coming up to two years ago! (May 2019). Angela since I blogged about her brand has released new collections and took the lingerie world by storm with her opulent and absolutely ravishing bold silk colourways recently as well as divine embroidered floral robes which have also become a sensation. Nonetheless I am such a simple soul in that I actually fell in love with one of her classic range, Dentelle, and have been pining after it ever since.

When I arranged a collaboration with Angela previously, she was aware as well as I, that there were many things from her brand that I really liked. One issue I have with buying things online is that sometimes the hesitation comes with “what about the fit?” and “will it reallt suit me?”. I adored Dentelle but I was worried. The world has a funny way of working and Angela arranged a pop up where I got to try on Dentelle, from there on out the hesitation was gone and I knew I had to have it.

I was obsessed with Dentelle and I was begrudged that I didn’t take more selfies in it when I got to try it at the pop up, so all the more reason that it simply had to be mine.

Dentelle is a must have for a collection and comes in ivory and black, each as stunning as the other. Dentelle is also nothing short of angelic. I describe Dentelle as if it were crafted from the feather of an angel because it is, whilst being described as off white, brilliant white with ethereal floral lace ornately married into the lace striping and lighter than any other garment I own without question. If I had better finances I’d own Dentelle in both colourways and could act out my own editorial as if I were Black Swan.

Dentelle is striking, in every manner. Dentelle also manages to juxtapose itself by being so sensitive and sophisticated all the while being so sheer it is exceptionally erotic! For the purposes of blogging and social media I brought an accompanying matching thong as not to be too daring but I have taken Dentelle away with me and every time, decorated with a glass of champagne and a red lipstick, I am as otherworldly as Dentelle is angelic.

Now because Dentelle is so lightweight there is no way it is uncomfortable. It is like a gentle caress in every manner. I would say that the lace is not soft though, but quite course if you felt it deep with your fingertips and it does not soften with handwashing, it is just the natural feel of the lace. The 100% silk satin trims and detail bow are on the otherhand thee softest and the perfect finishing touches being just as quaint and subtle as everything.

Dentelle is possibly one of the most difficult in terms of sizing because it is entirely  real French lace which is both tight and delicate so MUST be sized correctly, there is no go up or down element in my opinion because of the fabric as opposed to anything else. Whilst in no way shape or form is it fragile, because you can pull it about to a small degree without being so worried as say, a pair of stockings, you would not want to apply too much pressure. My body is changing with the pandemic. Whilst a year and a half ago the size small was sized to the point I felt like it was made for me, I didn’t want to size out of something I saved so hard for, so I got a custom size with Angela that allows me a bit of “give” so Dentelle is not skintight on me anymore. Whilst I do not feel this compromises how amazing Dentelle looks, sometimes I am sad it isn’t as sleek and flawless as that time I tried on the small BUT I also honestly know my now boobs and back would tear out of it like the hulk does a pair of trousers. Such is life!

The construction of Dentelle is nothing less than finery. Being from a non-textile orientated background simply to know how special this particular lace is, is to know that sewing this is extraordinary in itself. To make a garment appear as if it were all cut from the same cloth is incredible. Dentelle exists as if it came as one piece from the very beginning.

The lace is articulately and perfectly matched and that in itself is a divine thing to behold. Each leaf, each flower, each petal is meticulously and flawlessly met on the main seam. It is likely one of, if not thee, most skilled piece of artistry in my collection.

The stitches on the garment are tiny and blend into the garment in a lovely manner, so crisp almost invisible. The main seam is finished in a type of overlock or babylock and again, so quaint, small and delicate that it dissolves into the rest of the design. I feel Dentelle, and Angelas skill, is best described by Joan Miro in “The works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness”

The straps are thin and loose but then, as aforementioned, the garment is so light and airy that you really do not need any support whatsoever, finished in silver. I have kept a heavenly theme to how I perceive Dentelle because honestly, it is nothing less, and I feel like I am blessed to have something so incredible to call my own.

Dentelle is on the more luxury end of costs, the single slip costs £276.00. Now considering that other luxury brands silk slips generally start from £200 but are exceptionally dull by comparison I do not see the cost as unreasonable in any way shape or form. Dentelle is unique compared to any other slip in my opinion especially for the combination of a rare 100% french lace design, luxury construction and impact factor of how incredible Dentelle simply looks. Dentelle also, excitedly, comes in a cami and tap pants set BUT Dentelle is also running low as far as I am aware so it isn’t going to be around for much longer it seems. Dentelle will become a unicorn in its own design, rare and captivating to anyone who will own her.

Angela is capable of making you feel and look radiant, not just in Dentelle, but anything else and because of this, the way her brand creations evoke a real sense of enchantment I will come back again and again, albeit slowly. We are truly lucky to have not only an incredible brand here in the UK.

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