The slip dress was on loan and is the upcoming collaboration between Merle Noir and Karolina Laskowska.

Logandra website: and Patreon

Pre-lingerie, I was very much an art student. For those that don’t know I do actually have a BA honours in Animation. Whilst my own personal love for physically drawing left me, my admiration for those that continued to create art never waivered and I was instantly drawn to Logandria’s work. We were in the same circles and tastes for lingerie and I remember seeing her work popping up like captivating flowers from snow and was just in love. I commissioned her back in 2018 of which I do need to do so again but in the meantime she has established a very dominant and well loved platform for illustrated silk scarves which have become coveted amongst the lingerie community.

Logandria is a brand run by Logan Spector. Her hedonistic silk scarves are inspired by daydreams, mythology, fantasy, the natural world, and soft eroticism. Her combinations are expertly curated in a manner in which it attracts a plethora of admiration even from those of whom eroticism might initially concern. Being able to appeal to those outside of your own intentions is a difficult and admirable quality trait that I adore about Logan, she assures that she is inclusive, considerate but always authentically true to herself and visions

I, being entirely basic, have never considered a scarf as a fashion accessory or even generally in winter wear often aside from being practical. The concept was quite worrying for me because of this, was I inherently good enough to represent one of these fashion scarves? The answer is yes! Whilst I am far flung from doing the more intricate knots and fancier bows, with some online tutorials (and specifically Logan’s reels on her instagram) I found myself pleasantly capable, enjoying the capabilities and flourishing aesthetically! So if you were worried, are scarves for me? They are whole heartedly for everyone. AND even if you don’t want to wear it – framed masterpieces are assured.

Widow’s Captive was released in time for Halloween, appropriately so, but not inherently as the theme embodies much more than just the shadowy holiday.

It is decadently filled with the most luxurious shades of amethyst, rose and lapis which are rich, royal and resonant aptly bordered with glistening gemstones and pearls as well as deeply integrated across the design. I love that everything ties in with itself in the design. The colour purple is often associated meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, grandeur, devotion and magic. Pink takes all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, leaving us with the colour of tenderness and affection and blue is for calm, trust and intelligence. All seemingly apt for the nobility who finds herself captive in the presence of a very tender yet clearly devotedly erotic spider after seeking out treasures physically only to find treasures in other territories.

I enjoy anything with a story and whilst Logan sets out the baseline for the tales for the scarves they are open for interpretation and conceptualising which is wonderful. I am often surprised I have not seen more artists creating onward comics or otherwise for them yet! Maybe I should fill that void one day and draw again? There is actually a choice of erotic fiction written by an anonymous party for those who wish to include along with a purchase of a scarf that casts further into the tale.

Whilst the palette is what you would consider mostly cold colours the design actually makes for such a warm, gentle looking accessory that really really pops! I love how as a scarf the gemstone boarders are really accentuated and stand out, as a shawl you can truly show off the captivating design and my personal favourite of the headscarf is simply a tender mystery of peepshow slithers of the design.

This square scarf is constructed from deliciously soft silk satin (14 momme) which is 100% mulberry silk, mirror-printed on both sides of the fabric. This illustration is limited to an edition of only 100 silk scarves and will never be reprinted. With an array of different scarves in different colourways, whilst this scarf is limited to its own palette, you are never stuck for choice and could pick another but I feel Widows Captive is so unusual and niche it is a very good choice .

The Widow’s Captive scarf is very big which I appreciate a lot, especially as a scarf novice. It means that you have so much fabric to work with that you are capable to using it in many design choices and makes for creating them very easy. I was initially apprehensive because my ability to use my hands for situations like tying isn’t the easiest but I had no issues with this. It is also very capable in that you can tie the the design back to front and swing it round (as a scarf or a headwrap, you just need to readjust your hair accordingly).

The scarf whilst is a single panel of fabric is finished with a hand-sewn rolled hem which is simple yet flawlessly constructed. The scarf itself is beautifully light and featherweight and it is exceptionally soft. It does glide on your skin in a comforting and rich way. It did take me some practise getting the hang of folding it adeptly to use it because I simply was not used to the combination but a little bit of practise went a long way very quickly.

I found that the fabric itself, whilst it is double-sided digital printing, holds so much character and movement. Logandria style is very clean and fluid yet the use of colours and intricacies brings so much atmosphere and character. The finish is very gently glossy and handles light artfully which really draws you into looking at it. As a passerby, if you looked at it, I would imagine you’d be as captivated as the woman in the web!

You can purchase the Widow’s Captive scarf here:

The Window’s Captive scarf is Logandria’s most expensive thus far at £175.00. Those that are purchasing in the UK need to be aware that there may be customs charges on the item. In this particular instance I received no charges as this was sent as a gift. I actually think for a limited edition, luxuriously created and independent business item this is appropriately priced if not, likely under-priced. The time and dedication that goes into a custom illustration on a limited run is simply exceptional to consider and own and is its own form of rare art.

Logandria actually has a Patreon which features all of her WIP, sketchbook illustrations and sneak peaks at upcoming scarves. There is one to be released next year which I particularly have in mind to purchase but because it is both currently a secret and a collaboration I won’t say a great deal but urge you to join the Patreon (which is only a few pounds a month!). I have been lucky enough to watch Logandria blossom from pre-scarf times and can assure you, she is only going to get better and better! I would not be surprised to see her explode into a phenomenon in no time.

I am very humbled to own this scarf and it is very likely that it will convert me both as a scarf wearer and not to be so afraid of subtle eroticism and my enjoyment of it both for what it is and as an art form. Afterall we all seem to have no issues with the various naked marble statues in art eras gone, what is a little candid intimacy in a sexual form in 2021?


  1. Wen says:

    I love this collaboration so much!! You look incredible! I also have only rarely used scarves as accessories before I came across Logan’s work. I had a couple that were gifts but that I didn’t use often. Now I have 3 of her scarves and I adore them as hair accessories mostly! ❤ These images are amazing!


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